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DID dissociative identity disorder 分离性身份识别障碍
MPD multiple personality disorder 多重人格障碍
CBT cognitive behavioral therapy 认知行为疗法
DBT dialectical behavioral therapy 辩证行为疗法
IDID induced dissociative identity disorder 诱发分离性身份识别障碍
DI dissociative identity 解离人格
IOS Identitätsverdrängungssyndroms 身份识别失调症*
EGG Electrocardiograph and Electroencephalograph 心脑电图

劇透 -   :
> As I’m sure most of you are aware, ever since FastJack announced what was happening to him, Butch has been working around the clock to fgure out how to understand this thing and, more importantly, how tofght back. The following sections outline several different methods that have been used to try combating the CFD virus’ subversion of metahumanity’s last refuge of the self—the brain. For those of you who are a little squeamish, I’ll warn some of you that the following cases are not for the faint of heart. Butch, I think all of us owe you a beer or three for your tireless dedication.
> Glitch
> Screw beer. I’d kill for a solid eight hours of sleep.
> Butch



劇透 -   :
Folks, I’ve been at this for a long time. I’ve sewn up more wounds, replaced more organs, installed more ’ware, and brought back more patients from the brink of death than I could ever hope to count. I’ve watched the spark of life vanish from the eyes of friends, loved ones, and complete strangers. I’ve witnessed medical miracles that not even my Awakened colleagues can explain. But nothing—nothing—compares to watching someone’s soul get stolen away while you’re looking them right in the face.

劇透 -   :
The CFD virus is a nasty piece of shit. It might not physically harm its host or change his physiology in any truly harmful way, but it steals the one thing that defines our metahumanity. Observing a victim succumb to CFD is like watching an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient slowly have their memories taken from them one day at a time. It’s heartbreaking, even for an old sawbones like myself who I thought had been inured to this kind of suffering over the years.
劇透 -   :
The virus is a parasite, and a bad one, but it’s also unlike any other parasite I have ever seen. In a symbiotic or mutualistic relationship, both host and symbiote receive somebeneft to the arrangement. In a commensalistic relationship, one organism gains benefts but the other is not harmed. In a parasitic relationship, one organism thrives to the detriment of the other. However, most parasites either live off the other organism or end up killing it. For example, there are several species of wasps, both mundane and Awakened, that lay eggs in the brains of spiders and caterpillars. These larvae are capable of exerting a primitive form of mind control on their hosts, effectively turning them into zombies. When a larva gets large enough, it kills the host. The CFD virus, on the other hand, doesn’t want to kill its host. It wants to scoop out his insides and replace them with the personality (or personalities) it’s carrying. By harming its host, though, it harms its own well being.
这种病毒是一种寄生体,还是很糟糕的那种,但它也不像我见过的其它任何一种寄生体。在共栖或共生关系中 ,宿主和寄生体都能从中获得某种益处。在偏利共生关系中,只有一方有机体得益,但另一方不受伤害。在寄生关系中,一方的生长会损害另一方。但大部分寄生体要么离开寄生 的生物体,要么最终将其杀死。例如,有几种黄蜂,包括非觉醒和觉醒种类,会将卵产在蜘蛛和毛虫的大脑。黄蜂的幼虫有一种原始的控制宿主意识的能力,实际上是将宿主变成了僵尸。幼虫长得足够大之后会杀死宿主。而CFD病毒并不希望杀死宿主。它想要挖空宿主内部,将宿主替换为自己携带的一个或多个人格。伤害宿主即是伤害它自身。

劇透 -   :
Some parasites are easier to get rid of than others. Some, like mistletoe or creeping vines, come right off with a little tug. Others require more invasive measures to remove. Removing the CFD virus, though, is a deeply invasive process. Even after decades of research and advancement into psychology, psychiatry, simsense technology, and other cyberware, the human brain remains largely a mystery. What works for Patient A won’t necessarily work for Patient B. Remember when you frst got measured for a datajack or some otherheadware? All the EEGs and other readings that thecyberdoc needed to take? Nowadays datajacks are considered one of the most routine headware surgeries available, but one still needs to be installed in the right way, with neural connections going to the right places—and in a mature adult brain, no less—or else even adatajack can fry your wetware. In many cases, kicking the CFD virus out of the brainpan is like conducting hundreds of thousands of datajack assessment tests, and by the time you’re fnished with the frst few hundred, you have to run a few thousand more since the virus has already progressed further while you were running tests. It’s damn near impossible to keep up with, and a race like this will usually end with the virus several thousand kilometers in the lead.

劇透 -   :
Because of this inherent time limit, medical professionals (and medical amateurs) have been forced to start getting creative. As all you creative types are no doubt aware, creativity sometimes makes for messy results, but sometimes something truly brilliant and miraculous arises from those messes. The following records cover as many of these methods as I could gather, either from my own research or from colleagues or sources I trust. Remember, kids, don’t try any of this shit at home. I mean it. I don’t do lawsuits.

劇透 -   :
This frst group of case studies involves attempts to combat the CFD virus the old-fashioned way, using known medical science.

劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult female H. sapiens pumillonis, age 25, affected by dissociative identity disorder (DID). Patient exhibited no symptoms until two weeks before being admitted for this case study. Subject’s primary personality is being slowly replaced by new, dominant identity that calls itself “Xor.” Primary personality wakes after fugue states spent as “Xor.” Fugue states have arrived in longer intervals with increasingly shorter lapses between intervals. Attempts made to determine the root that caused secondary personality to surface. Psychoanalysis performed both on primary and secondary personalities. Primary personality seems ignorant of secondary personality, but secondary personality acknowledges and makes threats toward primary personality during fugue states. It makes no attempts, though, to harm subject’s body. Subject kept on close surveillance during fugue states to prevent self-inflicted bodily injury. Keywords: DID, MPD, multiple personalities, fugues
对象:成年女性矮人(H. sapiens pumillonis),年龄25,感染分离性身份识别障碍(DID)。病人在被收入该案例研究前两周出现病症。对象的主人格正缓慢地被另一个新的、支配人格替代,该人格自称“索尔”(“Xor”)*。主人格在心因性神游**(Fugue state)后苏醒,神游期间身份为“索尔”。神游时间不断增加,并且间隔逐渐缩短。尝试确定导致次人格出现的根源。对主人格和次人格均进行精神分析。主人格似乎并不知道次人格的存在,但次人格知道主人格,并且在神游期间威胁主人格。但它没有尝试伤害对象的身体。神游期间,密切监视对象以防止自残行为。
(**译注:Fugue state,一种解离性障碍,表现为可逆失忆,包括暂时失去记忆、人格以及其它个人特征,可持续数日、数月或更长时间。)
劇透 -   :
Patient was subjected to a battery of psych evaluations for each personality. Data from evaluations informed psychotherapy treatments. Root cause of DID was investigated via psychoanalysis.

To form a baseline psych profle from before the subject exhibited symptoms, statements from persons close to the subject were taken. The primary personality’s psych profle taken onsite lined up with the baseline, so the primary personality remains intact. Subject’s primary identity displays a mixture melancholic/phlegmatic personality. The psych profle taken from the secondary personality (“Xor”) reveals a cold and calculating individual capable of acts of unspeakable cruelty. “Xor” displays a dominant, choleric personality completely opposite of the primary identity.



劇透 -   :
Subject was interviewed over several sessions. Primary personality did not know why she was being seen. Subject was only aware that she had started experiencing fugue states and waking up in foreign places. No childhood trauma was discovered. Subject has not recently been exposed to any stress. Family life is normal. Work habits are normal. Bloodwork corroborated subject’s testimony that she does not abuse mind-altering substances. “Xor” will not talk about her childhood, family life, work habits, or any personal issues. Instead, “Xor” continues to speak only in veiled threats, without revealing any personal information.

劇透 -   :
Subject was put through rigorous cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions. Primary identity was receptive to these therapies, but “Xor” violently opposed them, often prematurely ending sessions with violent outbursts requiring the subject to be sedated and/or restrained. Other psychotherapeutic techniques, such as hypnotherapy and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), produced the same results.

劇透 -   :
Subject did not respond well to psychoanalysis, CBT, or DBT. Fugue states grew longer and more pronounced. The subject’s primary personality has not resurfaced in the past three days. Unless further sessions can push “Xor” back below the surface, it is possible the primary personality has been permanently subsumed.
> A hundred nuyen says this researcher had no clue the patient was infected with the CFD virus.
> Puck
> I kept this case here to demonstrate that even triedand-true methods for counteracting your everyday dissociative identity disorder don’t work. Plus, education is probably our best weapon against head crashes at the moment. Since the author of this study didn’t know what he was dealing with, he ended up with his throat crushed when “Xor” pulled a David Copperfeld and escaped from the asylum where she was being held. Last I heard, “Xor” is still at large.
> Butch
> Butch

劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult male H. sapiens sapiens, age 36, affected
by induced dissociative identity disorder (IDID). Dissociative identity (DI) suffers from episodes of increased anger and aggression toward all external stimuli. Condition had progressed to Stage II before applying treatment. Subject was treated via pharmaceutical means. Advancement of condition closely monitored.
Keywords: IDID, DI, atropine, SeroBlock, ValiAnt
成年男性人类(H. sapiens sapiens),年龄36,患诱导解离性人格认知障碍(IDID)。在某些时段,解离人格对所有外部刺激表现出愤怒和敌意。进行治疗前病情已发展至阶段2。目标接受药物治疗。密切监视病情发展。

劇透 -   :
As different patients react differently to various dissociative identity disorder treatments, a number of pharmaceutical trials were administered to the subject to see which, if any, would prove most effective.

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered a small dosage of the depressant atropine to calm aggressive outbursts. Episodes decreased in frequency for three days, at which point the frequency returned to previous levels. Increased dosage produced no appreciable effects. Did not pursue further dosage increases due to toxicity risk. Other depressants (specifcally barbiturates, alpha/beta blockers, and opioids) produced similar effects in similar timeframes. While the different drugs involved suppressed the DI for a short time, the benefcial difference between each individual treatment proved negligible.

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered anti-depressant serotonin re-uptake inhibitor SeroBlock. DI emerged at the same level of frequency, but DI was profoundly calmer and more amenable than in previous treatments. This condition lasted for two days until DI returned to previous levels of combativeness. An increased dosage of SeroBlock reduced DI aggression for another two days. Increased dosage to safe levels produced the same effect.
(*译注:SeroBlock,Serotonin Block,血清素阻断)

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered anti-anxiety drug ValiAnt. Subject grew lethargic and slept for at least 12 hours per day. DI surfaced more often during periods of wakefulness than before drug was administered. Increased dosage; DI appeared with even more frequency. DI appeared to deduce what was being done to its host. Increased dosage a second time; DI suppressed subject’s primary identity during periods of wakefulness. Weaned subject off ValiAnt; frequency and duration of DI appearances returned to previous levels.
劇透 -   :
Pharmaceutical trials proved unsuccessful in prolonged suppression of DI. After cessation of all medication, patient’s IDID progressed on to Stage III. Further dosages of medication after the onset of Stage III produced negligible effects. Pharmaceutical treatment option no longer feasible. Pursuing other courses of study.
劇透 -   :
> So drugs clearly don’t work. I didn’t think we needed a medical researcher to tell us that.
> Puck
> Even though drugs aren’t the answer, these sorts of studies tell us something far more important. The CFD virus is rewiring hosts’ brains, which means it is still forced to rely on the wetware it was given. If you fuck around with its available wetware by introducing a manufactured chemical imbalance into the host’s brain, that can affect the cognitive abilities of the host and the viral personalities. Of course, the danger seems to be that a head case can pick up on this imbalance and fght its way around it, if given enough time.

劇透 -   :
> At least it offers up a short-term solution to getting a CFD victim to cooperate, which I’ll bet would come in handy in an extraction. I certainly wouldn’t want a CFD personality to trigger a building-wide alarm and scream bloody murder when my team is trying to kidnap her host, but pop a SeroBlock in her, and I’m betting she’ll be a little quieter on the way out of the building.
> Pistons
> That’s assuming she hasn’t already progressed to “Stage III,” whatever the hell that means.
> Puck
> I don’t personally know the researcher who did this, but I believe the classifcation is a ranking of how deeply the dissociative identity has supplanted the base personality. As I understand, these researchers use a scale of Stage I—minor intrusion—to Stage IV—complete takeover.
> Butch
> Is there a Stage V, I wonder?
> Kane
> Yeah, I think they call that “death.”
> Slamm-0!

劇透 -   :
Subject: Juvenile female H. sapiens sapiens, age 6, affected by cognitive fragmentation disorder (CFD).
Presence of hostile nanites in prefrontal cortex. Subject has displayed signs of extreme moods swings, and secondary personality shows a level of maturation and a vocabulary inconsistent with subject’s age, development, and learning experience. Hypothesis: Nanite activity in subject’s brain is responsible for CFD. Hypothesis tested and verifed against similar cases. Patient recommended for psychosurgery.
Keywords: CFD, nanites, nanite removal, NanoFlush, juvenile neurology, prefrontal cortex, lobotomy
> Good God.
> Pistons
> Not cool, mystery virus thing. Not cool.
> Slamm-0!
对象:未成年女性人类(H. sapiens sapiens),年龄6,感染认知碎片化失调(CFD)。

劇透 -   :
Patient’s condition was positively identifed using a battery of psychiatric and medical tests. Subject was treated for rogue nanites and prepared for psychosurgery. Routine surgery was then performed.
Subject’s condition was frstidentifed by the patient’s teacher. Being a juvenile in corporate-run kindergarten, the patient would lapse into periods where she would employ adult-level language amongst her peers, using words, sentence structure, and subject matter a juvenile of her age group would not normally use. Since the patient was not previously noted as a prodigy, this behavior raised concern within the school’s faculty. Psychological tests. Patient was given several intelligence tests, during which the symptoms for dissociative identity disorder (DID) surfaced: irritability, inconsistency, change in demeanor, etc. Some tests showed the patient possessed remarkable skill for her age group (albeit not at prodigious levels), but tests during which her dissociative identity (DI) appeared, those administering the tests believed they spoke to not a juvenile but a full-grown adult with normal cognitive faculties. Further testing revealed the DI was quickly taking over the subject’s personality in a manner consistent with other CFD cases.

Medical imaging. EEG, CT scan, and aura reading revealed the presence of active nanites in the patient’s prefrontal cortex. Nanites were result of transgenic therapy performed in 2074 to address patient’s congenital suppressed immune system. Although the nanites should have gone dormant once the transgenic therapy was complete, they have instead remained active and have restructured part of the subject’s prefrontal cortex.
使用全套精神学和医学测试确定病人为阳性。对象接受针对失控纳米体(rogue nanite)的治疗,做好接受精神外科手术的准备。随后进行常规手术。
医学成像。EGG、CT扫描和灵光读取显示病人的前额叶皮质区存在活跃纳米体。这些纳米体是 2074年为提高先天免疫系统病人接受了转基因疗法时引入的。纳米体本应在转基因疗法结束后进入休眠,但它们依然保持活跃,并且重建了目标的部分前额叶皮质区。

劇透 -   :
Hard nanite treatment. First treatment attempted to controlnanite population. NanoFlush was introduced into patient’s bloodstream. No noticeable effect observed within 24 hour period. Second dosage of NanoFlush administered at higher concentration. No noticeable effect. Follow-up CT scan reveals nanite population has effectively doubled within 48 hours of frstNanoFlush application. Hypothesis: Subject’s cortex nanites are subverting theNanoFlushnanites to their own purposes.

Soft nanite treatment. Second treatment attempted to control nanite population with “soft machine” nanites programmed to act as antibodies to any hard machine nanites they encountered. The patient’s hard nanite infestation destroyed these soft nanites immediately upon them circulating through the subject’s brain. Isotope treatment. Third treatment attempt employed radioactive isotopes intended to confuse or sterilize the nanites. This resulted in the subject experiencing acute migraine headaches for a period of three days, but the nanite population persisted and continued to grow until it had subsumed approximately 75 percent of the subject’s prefrontal cortex.

劇透 -   :
Due to nanite treatment attempts failing, the subject was recommended for psychosurgery after an extensive neurological consultation. A panel of consultants determined the only way to defnitively preserve the patient’s still-developing neurological faculties was to perform a prefrontal lobotomy. The panel believed that if the prefrontal cortex was denied access to the rest of the patient’s brain, the nanite infestation would have nowhere to progress. Also, given the subject’s young age, it is hypothesized that the subject’s still-developing brain might be able to rewire itself in the absence of a prefrontal cortex.

Transorbital lobotomy. Transorbital procedure was performed immediately using dual orbitoclast method. Great care was taken to ensure no nanites migrated from the prefrontal cortex to the frontal cortex during the procedure. Procedure was successful in severing neural pathways between the prefrontal cortex and the rest of the subject’s brain. Subject recuperated and regained consciousness.
眶穿脑额叶切除(Transorbital lobotomy)。立刻使用双锥法*(dual orbitoclast method)进行眶穿脑额叶切除。手术期间尽力确保没有纳米体从前额叶皮质迁移至额叶皮质。手术成功切断了前额叶皮质区与大脑其它部分的神经通路。目标康复并苏醒。

劇透 -   :
Despite prefrontal lobotomy being a success, the patient has gravitated toward a vegetative state after recuperation period. Symptoms of IOS and the DI have ceased; however, the subject’s original personality remains absent. Patient displays no aptitude for speech or other normal neurological behavior, but involuntary brain functions remain at baseline levels. Thus far, the subject’s brain has not created new neurological connections to replace those the lobotomy removed, but further observation will determine whether or not these pathways will regrow.

The nanite population within the disconnected prefrontal cortex remains at a high level of activity. Since the procedure’s completion, the subject has begun exhibiting low-signal-strength radio activity, which leads observers to believe the nanite population is attempting to reach out from its isolation. Subject has been confned to a Faraday cage to prevent any potential incidents from occurring. If this effect worsens, it is recommended the subject undergo a partial lobectomy to physically remove the prefrontal cortex from the cranium.
尽管前脑额叶 切除手术取得成功,但病人在术后恢复期之后陷入类似植物人状态。IOS和DI症状消失,但目标原有人格依然没有出现。病人没有语言能力,也没有其它普通的神经学行为,但无意识的大脑功能还保持在最低水平。截至至今,病人的大脑没有产生新的神经连接以取代被切除的部分,但还需要进一步观察才能确认这些通路是否会重新长成。

劇透 -   :
> That is just … I can’t even …
> Pistons
> Come on, you damn virus. Not even little girls get a getout-of-jail-free card?
> Hard Exit
> Butch, anything to say on this one?
> Bull
> Other than mentioning I knew this girl personally? No.
> Butch
> Who was she? A niece? A friend’s daughter?
> Puck
> I’m not going to talk about it. Don’t ask again.
> Butch
> Considering the keyword is “knew,” I’m guessing it didn’t
end well.
> Slamm-0!
> Nice to know that a fucking lobotomy is an acceptable
alternative to CFD.
> Kane
> In case you weren’t paying attention, that probably won’t work on adults. Their brains are already fully formed and pretty set in their ways. Severing neurological connections in an adult is like playing Russian roulette with your brain. A lobectomy would be even worse.
> I though docs stopped performing lobotomies around the turn of the century or so.
> Hard Exit
> They did, mostly. Lobotomies are exceptionally rare nowadays, but under the right circumstances, they can actually be benefcial.
> The “right” circumstances in this instance being an innocent six-year-old girl?
> Hard Exit
> In this case? Yes. I’d … probably have done the same
> Butch
>Hard Exit
>Hard Exit
>Hard Exit
劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult female H. sapiens robustus, age 52, affected by cognitive fragmentation disorder (CFD). Presence of hostile nanites in prefrontal cortex contributing to CFD at an advanced rate. Subject began at a Stage II level of CFD before referral to this case study. Transition from Stage I to Stage II occurred within one week. Age of subject discourages standard psychosurgical practices. Attempts made to remove nanites from brain tissue.
Keywords: IOS, nanites, nanite removal, auxons, neurosurgery, craniotomy
对象:成年女性巨魔(H. sapiens robustus),年龄52,感染认知碎片化失调。移交本案例研究前,脑前额叶皮质层内导致CFD的恶性纳米体密度已较高。移交本研究前目标已处于CFD阶段2。从阶段1转变至阶段2用了一周时间。目标的年龄不适合进行普通精神外科手术。尝试从脑组织中去除纳米体。

劇透 -   :
After assessing patient’s condition, several attempts were made to remove hostile nanites from the subject.
劇透 -   :
Other cases linking this condition and hostile nanite activity in the brain (see Howell and Rowan, 2075), have outlined unsatisfactory results when using targeted nanite-removal serums (such as NanoFlush, Nanofree, andMachineBGone), soft nanites, radiological isotopes, or similar removal methods. Neurological consultants suggested the subject undergo an experimental procedure involving the mechanical removal of the nanites.

Mechanical nanite removal. Frontotemporal craniotomy was performed to allow surgeon access to subject’s affected brain tissue. Exposed brain tissue beneath the meningeal layers appeared slightly discolored, exhibiting a light grey mold-like texture on the surface. The discoloration possesses the consistency of arterial plaque, and when it is examined beneath an electron microscope is revealed to be large colonies of nanites that have formed atop and between folds of brain tissue. Using the electron microscope, the surgeon identifed the largest concentrations of nanites and scraped them away from affected brain tissue. This time-consuming procedure required four hours to remove only a three cm2 area of nanite plaque. At the end of the four-hour procedure, areas that had already been cleaned of nanites began to suffer encroachment. Auxons—self-replicating nanites—started
Full craniotomy. At this point it was deemed the only way to successfully clean the nanites using this method was to perform a complete craniotomy, remove the nanites as quickly as possible, and ft the patient with acyberskull. Under normal circumstances, this sort of procedure would be too cost-ineffective and time-consuming to attempt; however, the subject is of some importance and has a benefactor who stated no cost was too great. Procedure went forward. Full craniotomy performed. Nanite plaque also discovered on subject’s temporal and occipital lobes. A rotating team of twelve neurosurgeons worked twenty-four hours a day for a total of six days in order to complete the cleaning procedure. Another twelve hours was spent ftting the patient with anEvo Adroit cyberskull.
其它与此种情况以及大脑内的活跃恶性纳米体相关的案例(见Howell and Rowan, 2075)指出,靶向纳米去除药物(如纳米净NanoFlush、纳米清Nanofree和机械退散MachineBGone)、软纳米体、放射性同位素以及类似去除方法的效果并不令人满意。神经学专家建议目标进行实验性的机械式纳米去除手术。
开颅手术。此时唯一能够成功清除纳米体的方法是进行全开颅手术,尽快清除纳米体,并给病人换上赛博头骨。通常情况下不会尝试这类手术——相对于实用性它的花费过高且耗时。但手术对象地位重要,她的出资人声明不惜任何花费。手术继续进行。进行全开颅手术。在目标的颞叶和枕叶也发现了纳米体入侵。十二名精神外科医生的轮换手术小组日夜不休连续进行了六天的手术才完成了清理。随后花了十二个小时给病人装上天演·巧脑(Evo Adroit)赛博头骨。

劇透 -   :
Nanite removal attempt was successful. Following recovery, subject remained listless and uncommunicative but seemed aware of surroundings. First successful post-operative communication came in the form of aphasic word-salad. Subject seems to be on the mend but has diffculty remembering names and faces. Surgeon team hesitates to call the procedure a complete success, as the patient’s level of function and awareness has not returned to even 20 percent of her pre-operative capacity. Current prognosis from follow-up EEG and CT scans indicate patient will likely recover no more that 35 percent of her cognitive functions.
成功去除纳米体。随后的术后修复中,目标保持倦怠、寡言,但似乎能感知周围环境。术后第一次成功的交流像个失语者的词汇(in the form of aphasic word)——沙拉。看起来目标的病情正在好转,但在记忆名字和人脸方面有困难。手术小组不愿称这是一次完全成功的手术,病人的机能和意识并未回复到术前的20%。根据随后的EEG和CT扫描结果做出的诊断,病人可能最多恢复35%的认知能力。

劇透 -   :
> Okay, this sounds promising. Assuming you have incredibly deep pockets and don’t mind getting an entirely new skull as part of the deal. And you’re okay with being mostly brain dead afterwards.
> Slamm-0!
> Hey, at least it’s a step up from a lobotomy.
> Kane
> At this rate, anything’s a step up from a lobotomy.
> Hard Exit
> Well, it’s the most success we’ve seen thus far.
> Kane
> So, any ideas who this patient was? Some young corp exec’s mother or something?
> Bull
> My source was not allowed to ID the subject. I got the impression that if someone found out he’d told me, they’d have had him killed. He only shared the case with me for medicaledifcation and left it at that.
> Butch
> Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not really liking the sound of any of these treatments. Surely medical advancement has come a bit further along than cutting open someone’s melon and scraping infected areas off with a butter knife.
> Slamm-0!
> I just hope to Ghost ’Jack hasn’t tried any of these
methods. If he has, he’s probably already dead or
wishing he was.
> Pistons
>Hard Exit


  否——除非该能力特别指出它能与类似能力叠加 (譬如刺客的偷袭),或以某种方式合并角色的总职业等级来计算 (譬如〖精通直觉闪避 (improved uncanny dodge)〗),这些能力不会叠加而是需要你分别使用。因此,牧师的引导与圣骑士、死灵师、生命先知的引导等类似效果互不叠加。

这里的faq的意思就是不同职业能力带来的效果也分别计算,只是同一个职业的话,密域和魂域也要 掰开计算么
然后专长、装备是不是可以同时影响这两套引导能量 没有问题吧
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劇透 -   :
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:02
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:06
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:07
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:46
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:48
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:53
Eldsluft 2017/12/15 23:12:58
繁星闪耀之梦 / Re: 【Log】刻在手腕上的死
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<[Ra]KP> 大家进入了主电脑室
<[Ra]KP> 房间里开着冷气让人感到寒冷,大型电脑和服务器整齐的摆放着。粉色的什么东西从天花板上垂了下来。
<[Ra]KP> 附满了天花板的东西一开始会让人以为是粉色的绳子,但是仔细看的话,其中一部分覆盖着龙虾一般坚硬的表壳,一部分拥有发出黄色光芒的椭圆形器官。那个粉色的绳子缠绕融合了很多电缆,每次产脉搏,主电脑的硬盘都会发出小小的哔邦声。这间房间简直就像已经化为一体了。
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “什么东西……?”
<[Ra]KP> 然后濑良正马的头部倒挂在房间正中,上面插了大量的点滴输送管。他像是想要相信是自己看错了一样,双目空虚地睁开着,嘴唇一张一合,像是在申诉什么事情一样。
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “妈耶...........”
<[Ra]KP> 对——这就是恶魔般的医学成果,那个头颅还活着!
<[Ra]KP> sc 1/1d10
<It is Dicebot>  * 黑泽优 投掷 san check(63) : 1d100 = 63   成功
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “所长,晚上好~”
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷 san check(43) : 1d100 = 88   失败
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷 san check(70) : 1d100 = 93   失败
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 san check(70) : 1d100 = 75   失败
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷  : 1d10 = 7
<[麦芽]黑泽优> .san -2
<It is Dicebot>  * 黑泽优 目前的san值为61
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷  : 1d10 = 7
<[滑稽]加藤健太> .san -7
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 目前的san值为36
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “我是新华社的桥本响,特意过来为您做人物专访的”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> .san-7
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 目前的san值为63
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷  : 1d10 = 5
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 灵感(65) : 1d100 = 98   大失败
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 投掷 san check(74) : 1d100 = 50   成功
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷 灵感(60) : 1d100 = 43   成功
<[omc]白石雅人> .san-6
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 目前的san值为64
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “桥本,这都什么时候了”
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷 灵感(90) : 1d100 = 36   成功
<[Ga酱]桥本响> .san -1
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 目前的san值为73
<[唯子]宇崎直也> .san-1
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 目前的san值为62
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “现在不问的话说不定一会就问不到了诶”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “为了这次专访我都好几天没睡了的说………”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “桥本....你认真的吗”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “你在干什么”
劇透 -   :
<[Ra]KP> to滑稽:你觉得自己并没有在石化,只是腕标搞错了,于是你顾不上其他,开始疯狂地戴上又摘下腕标确认进度的显示
劇透 -   :
<[Ra]KP> to OMC:你觉得只有向外界寻求增援才能打得过面前的怪物,于是你固执地打算去机械室修好通信电缆
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “哈哈哈哈,我没有事情,都是假的假的假的”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “腕表是假的都是假的”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么我虽然受到了严重的惊吓,但是对眼前的情景似乎没什么特别的感觉
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “啊,我的右手”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “充满了力量?”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “你的右手?”
<[omc]白石雅人> 那么我向外走
<[omc]白石雅人> “我受够了”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “教授,你要去哪?”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 【拉住】
<[滑稽]加藤健太> 疯狂摘下腕表又带上
<[omc]白石雅人> “我要修好电缆”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> 疯狂摘下腕表又带上
<[omc]白石雅人> “向外界沟通”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> 疯狂摘下腕表又带上
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “醒醒,你不会修电缆”
<[Ra]KP> 整个主电脑已经与怪物融为一体
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (我去把U盘插上)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 试图抱住教授
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 擒抱(25) : 1d100 = 50   失败
<[Ra]KP> (醒醒,你们把门关上他就出不去了)
<[Ra]KP> (这里权限5呢)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 那么我关上门
<[Ga酱]桥本响> 那么我冲向主电脑
<[omc]白石雅人> “放我出去……”
<[Ra]KP> 怪物看到桥本拿着U盘冲向主电脑,似乎明白了什么
<[omc]白石雅人> “你们在做什么”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “黄继光!!!”
<[omc]白石雅人> “我们没有胜算的……”
<[Ra]KP> 挥舞起巨大的剪刀试图破坏USB插口
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 抄起扳手挡在前边
<[Ra]KP> (敏捷对抗)
<[Ra]KP> (看是你先插USB还是它先捅坏)
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 投掷  敏捷 : 1d100 = 25
<[Ra]KP> (反正过了)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (好像不是敏捷6,是和敏捷6对抗)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (但反正这是过了吧,就算他敏捷20也是过了………)
<[Ra]KP> 那么桥本一个箭步冲了过去
<[Ra]KP> 把U盘插在了电脑上启动了诺查丹姆斯
劇透 -   :
<It is Dicebot>  * KP 投掷  : 1d100 = 2
<[Ra]KP> (……)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> (,,.............)
<[Ra]KP> (……)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (..........
<[Ra]KP> (对米戈造成了2点伤害……)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (载入史册吧)
<[omc]白石雅人> (载入史册
<[Ra]KP> (我重新来一下吧)
<[Ra]KP> (我不想打架TOT)
<It is Dicebot>  * KP 投掷  : 1d100 = 30
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 那么黑泽用扳手摆出了一个造型,呆呆的看着记者冲向了电脑把本田的珍藏插了进去
<[Ra]KP> 随着诺查丹姆斯的启动,怪物的肉体溶解了,从天花板上滴了下来,插着点滴的濑良正马的头部也掉了下来。
<[Ga酱]桥本响> 飞扑过去接住所长的头!
<[Ra]KP> 他眼神迷离地看了一眼桥本,随机开心地笑了起来。“琴里……你治好了呢,他遵守了承诺啊……”
<[omc]白石雅人> “啊……啊……”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “所长你醒醒!我准备了两个星期的专访啊啊啊啊啊啊!”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “??????”
<[Ra]KP> 然后,濑良正马就死去了。
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “两个星期啊啊啊啊!”
<[Ra]KP> 打倒怪物几个小时后,完全武装的救援队打开隔离门冲了进来
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 救援队来了
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “啊啊啊,他们还没付我工钱”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “喔,有人来救我们啦”
<[Ra]KP> 探索者们被强制带往隔离病院,接受严格的检查,伤势也被完全治愈。
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “啊...终于得救了....吗..........”
<[Ra]KP> 探索者们被医生和警察询问无数次关于研究所里发生的事件,但因为SERa组收买了财政界和媒体,最终只是以研究所内爆发了生物事件为结果登上了报纸。
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “这下可以好好休息了”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我.....我不想.........再看这种事了.......”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “已经结束了”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “研究所....我再也不想呆了....【死】”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 【那么偷偷把那本书藏了起来】
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<[Ra]KP> 进入楼梯间后,显示信息屏和广播、电脑等的所有音响里,都传来奇怪的声音。
<[Ra]KP> 那既不是人类的声音,也不能说是机械的声音,像是在说着某种意思的语言一般。
<[Ra]KP> (OMC灵感)
<[omc]白石雅人>  .rd 灵感
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷 灵感(90) : 1d100 = 54   成功
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “这什么语言?鲸语?”
<[Ra]KP> 白石意识到,这大概是笔记中提到的召唤加塔诺托亚的咒语。
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 我觉得要打怪了
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 我慌了
<[Ra]KP> 地下室有三个门,你们正前方有一扇双开门,两侧各有一个房门
<[Ra]KP> 左侧是“机械室”,右侧是“主电脑房”,前方是“地下冷冻保管仓库”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (来现实灵感的时候到了)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (你们觉得应该去哪)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 贴门听听前方的门
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (先把三个门听一遍)
<[Ra]KP> 三个门都听不到声音
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 我觉得冷冻库里冻的是什么神话生物
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 看了除了sc以外大概没什么作用
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 这是周而复始给我的经验
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 先看看这几个门的权限
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 有吗
<[Ra]KP> 机械室3,冷冻仓库3,主电脑5
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 看一眼机械室先?
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (先一起去机械室吧)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “我们现在还进不去主机房”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “恐怕要找到所长”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “先去机械室吧”
<[Ra]KP> 你们走进了机械室
<[Ra]KP> 房间里集中放置着研究所内的电表、汽锅、管道等,一进入房间就有一股焦味。
<[Ra]KP> 地板上铺着和外部联络的通信电缆,似乎发生了小规模的爆炸,电缆烧焦,造成断裂。
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “呕....”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “快炸了吧”
<[omc]白石雅人> “……”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “唔……但是上面没停电”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “不想多呆”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “通信电缆被炸断了啊”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “这就是火山君王的威力吗”
<[Ra]KP> 当你们走进这里的时候
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “果然厉害啊”
<[Ra]KP> 门旁的电子屏突然亮了起来
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “?????”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “也不能拉电闸,拉了另两个门就进不去了”
<[Ra]KP> 上面出现了本田的脸
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我觉得,有诈”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “嗨~”
<[Ra]KP> “无论是谁来到了这里,希望能听到我的留言”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “你这就好了吗?”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “……这不是,那个”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “诶……(失望脸)”
<[Ra]KP> “这里的通信电缆不知道被什么人弄坏了,希望你能帮忙修复它,好让我们向外求助”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> 【戳显示屏】
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我觉得有诈”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “如果是留言,他什么时候留的”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “这是他什么时候留下的啊”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “你们看到他的时候他还在睡觉”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “不,肥宅死前”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “感觉是睡觉前”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “一直在努力联络外部”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “如果是在那之前,应该还没发生这件事情”
<[omc]白石雅人> “这玩意能修好吗……”
<[滑稽]加藤健太> “是我让他这么做的”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “他睡醒了就一直和我们在一起也没工夫录吧”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “不,”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “难道这个地方电缆早就断了?”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “哦哦”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我们在找到他之后”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (什么时候)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “是这样啊”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “他一直没有单独呆过”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “这玩意儿……也不知道能不能修好”
<[Ra]KP> “修理的方法在下面,你们自己看吧”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我觉得有问题”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 可以电器维修吗
<[omc]白石雅人> (这可能是很久以前的留言啊)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (难道有按录像说的修好就会把诅咒传播到全世界的展开吗)
<[omc]白石雅人> (你们为什么在怀疑×)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “这个不是出了事故才炸的吗”
<[Ra]KP> 说着画面就停止了
<[omc]白石雅人> 那么下面有什么
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (怀疑的是肥宅睡醒了说自己不知道发生了事件)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (主要是我们不觉得他有录视频的时间)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (说的有道理
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (然后一直和我们在一起)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (对,没有视频时间
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 【而且肥宅醒了之后不明状况】
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 【没有视频时间】
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “本田一直被我们盯着就石化了”
<[Ra]KP> 所以你们修吗
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “由里,这里的通讯电缆之前是好的吗?”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “我不建议修”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “那别管它了”
<[Ra]KP> “是好的”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “反正黑屏了”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “我们也不知道维修方法”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “等本田酱活回来了自己过来修吧~呜哼哼”
<[omc]白石雅人> (总之有修理方法吗,先看看
<[Ra]KP> (修理方法就是如果你要修可以过机器维修*2)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (不建议+1,而且修理太容易了啊喂)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> (真的肥宅没有时间录这个东西)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (而且我觉得确实我们是要逃出去)
<[Ra]KP> 那么大家离开了机械室
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (也不是要和外界联络)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (我们逃出去哪还用的着修电缆)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (对吧)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (是的)
<[Ra]KP> (那么就是去冷藏库了)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 不过能侦查一下这玩意为什么会炸么
<[Ra]KP> (可以)
<[Ra]KP> (电器维修)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么我稍微检查一下故障原因吧
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 电器维修(70) : 1d100 = 54   成功
<[Ra]KP> 宇崎发现这是通过副所长金久保的权限启动了紧急切断与外部联络的装置,导致的结果
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (果然
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (副所长是好人
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “副所长干的么”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> (咒语没用...是吗)
<[omc]白石雅人> (副所长一直说不要把诅咒传出去
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (那就可以去冷藏室了
<[omc]白石雅人> (准备战斗吧
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 握紧扳手和杀虫剂
<[Ra]KP> 大家走入了冷藏室
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 握紧扳手
<[Ra]KP> 房间两侧有很多冰柜,有冷冻血液、器官、死亡的实验动物,还有需要冷藏保存的药品等。
<[omc]白石雅人> (药品emmmm
<[Ra]KP> 但是有几个冷柜的门敞开着,地面散落着药物
<[omc]白石雅人> 侦察
<[Ra]KP> (扔吧)
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷 侦查(50) : 1d100 = 50   成功
<[Ra]KP> 白石发现地板上有几滴血迹,和沾上了地上的药物留下的奇怪脚印
<[Ra]KP> (医学也行)
<It is Dicebot>  * 黑泽优 投掷 医学(70) : 1d100 = 63   成功
<[Ra]KP> 受到破坏的药物是冷冻血液等维持生命所必须的药物。
<[Ra]KP> 冷藏库的最里面有一扇红色的门和一扇蓝色的门,两扇门都是铁门十分牢固,每扇门上都用大字写着“未获得所长许可不得进入”。
<[Ra]KP> 红色的门似乎能打开,蓝色的门则需要权限5
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “这种“快进来快进来”的感觉怎么回事”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> 进红色的门……也没有别的路了
<[Ra]KP> 红色的门上夹着一个东西,像是护目镜一样
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么只能进去了吧
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 观察一下那个东西
<[Ra]KP> (观察的结果就是个护目镜)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 害怕....
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 跑到最后呆着
<[omc]白石雅人> (我觉得先听一下比较好
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (我先把这玩意带上进去看一眼?万一是不带就GG的……)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么带上试一下
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 投掷 聆听(25) : 1d100 = 16   成功
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 看到什么东西了么(
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (感觉没有声音)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (护目镜,万一是3d眼镜
<[Ra]KP> (护目镜当然是防止东西的啊)
<[Ra]KP> (又不是VR眼镜,带上能看见啥)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (万一是VR)
<[Ra]KP> 房间里没有声音
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (hhhh)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (那唯子进去看一圈吧)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (我们先在外面等唯子吧)
劇透 -   :
<[Ra]KP> 你戴着护目镜走入了房间
<[Ra]KP> 护目镜让你的视野变得非常狭小
<[Ra]KP> 但是仍能看到,十二叠大小的房间里,铺着瓷砖地,设计的像是一个手术台。
<[唯子]宇崎直也> (喷了,本来侦查就是假的)
<[Ra]KP> 房间里摆了两台电视台用的摄像机,墙壁上挂着大大小小各种型号的印象,而且各个地方设置了测量音波、温度、电磁波等的最新机器,让人感到不舒服,非常的凌乱。
<[Ra]KP> 但是所有的机器都靠在房间的墙角,房间中央一片空旷,在房间中央立着一块壮丽的杉木板,从侧面能看出来板子上面挂着的是一面古老的铜镜
<[Ra]KP> 过幸运
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “有个手术台……还有一堆仪器……”【冲外面喊话】
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 幸运(75) : 1d100 = 82   失败
<[Ra]KP> 铜镜的面前有一把古董椅,椅背非常高。椅子背对着入口,似乎有人坐在椅子上面。
<[Ra]KP> 而且椅子周围还像家具一样,摆设了一些石化的小猫小狗等玩耍的宠物。
<[Ra]KP> 椅子上端坐着一个女性
<[Ra]KP> 表情非常安宁,像是睡着了一样
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 仔细观察这个女性
<[Ra]KP> 侦查/2
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “有面铜镜,前面摆着把椅子,上面坐着个女的”
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷  侦查/2 : 1d100 = 33
<[Ra]KP> 你没觉得这个女人有什么不对。女人也带着腕标,她的腕标级别为5,里面写着“sera·kotori(濑良琴里)”的名字。
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 拿走她的手环
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “哦,这就是那个所长的老婆,她有个5的手环”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “我拿走吧”
<[Ra]KP> 你还要做什么吗
<[Ra]KP> ?
<[Ra]KP> 那你就出去了?
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么我出去了
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 拿着所长老婆的手环
<[Ra]KP> 走出门时,你摸了摸兜,发现之前抄的咒语的纸变成了灰烬
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “卧槽等等”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “??????”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “怎么了”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “我之前抄的咒语”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “????”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “变成了灰烬”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “!!!”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “记者,能麻烦你把那本书的原版给我拿着吗”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “现在恐怕没时间再抄了”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “从好的方向上来说说明这玩意是有用的(递书)”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “但是请别把书也烧了……研究所里面还这么多人呢”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “不知道是进了房间就会……还是和那面镜子有关系”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 那么接过书,先进去蓝门看一眼
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “总之这个房间别再进去了”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> 【用笔在红门的字旁边注明“所长也不许进!!!”】
<[Ra]KP> 你走进了蓝门
劇透 -   :
<[Ra]KP> 房间里有一个十二叠大小的冷冻库,里面只在最中央放了一个不锈钢的棺材一般的箱子。箱子上的金属板上刻着“sahime sample#2 1934.7”的字样。箱子是打开的。
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “有个冷冻库,里面好像有个棺材一样的玩意”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “书烧了吗”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “好像没有?”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 看箱子里面
<[Ra]KP> 箱子里有一个穿着西服的男性尸体,尸体没有头部和右手腕。尸体似乎刚刚死亡,但是因为放入了冷冻库,所以完全冻了起来。右手腕就放在箱子里,但是找不到尸体头部。
<[Ra]KP> sc 0/1d3
<It is Dicebot>  * 宇崎直也 投掷 san check(70) : 1d100 = 48   成功
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 是所长么
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 我见过照片
<[Ra]KP> (是)
<[Ra]KP> (但是没有头)
<[Ra]KP> (你也不知道是不是)
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “这里面有个尸体……没有头和右手”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “箱子上的金属板上刻着“sahime sample#2 1934.7””
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “恐怕以前是……装那个切片的本体生物的”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 侦查尸体有没有什么值得注意的
<[Ra]KP> 你还要带着护目镜吗
<[唯子]宇崎直也> ……摘了!
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 发生什么了么
<[Ra]KP> 没什么
<[Ra]KP> 尸体更加清晰了
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 我怒摘护目镜
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 好像没事
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 你们进来吧
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 给你们开门
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “开个门吧”
<[Ra]KP> 房间里有一个十二叠大小的冷冻库,里面只在最中央放了一个不锈钢的棺材一般的箱子。箱子上的金属板上刻着“sahime sample#2 1934.7”的字样。箱子是打开的。
<[Ra]KP> 箱子里有一个穿着西服的男性尸体,尸体没有头部和右手腕。尸体似乎刚刚死亡,但是因为放入了冷冻库,所以完全冻了起来。右手腕就放在箱子里,但是找不到尸体头部。
<[Ra]KP> sc 0/1d3
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 申请用医生身份降低sc
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 投掷 san check(74) : 1d100 = 42   成功
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷 san check(46) : 1d100 = 71   失败
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷 san check(72) : 1d100 = 89   失败
<[Ra]KP> (麦芽0/1吧)
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷  : 1d3 = 3
<It is Dicebot>  * 黑泽优 投掷 san check(63) : 1d100 = 44   成功
<[omc]白石雅人> (啧
<[Ra]KP> (有debuff的记得+1)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (这是一个充满恶意的“你们进来吧”233333)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> .san -3
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 目前的san值为43
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 投掷  : 1d3 = 1
<[omc]白石雅人> .san-2
<It is Dicebot>  * 白石 雅人 目前的san值为70
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 我可以对尸体扔医学吗
<[Ra]KP> (可以)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> 黑泽蹲下来,仔细研究这具尸体
<It is Dicebot>  * 黑泽优 投掷 医学(70) : 1d100 = 83   失败
<[Ra]KP> (还有人要医学/侦查吗)
<[滑稽]加藤健太> (omc 来生物学一下吧
<It is Dicebot>  * 加藤健太 投掷 侦查(50) : 1d100 = 11   成功
<[omc]白石雅人> (生物学有用吗
<It is Dicebot>  * 桥本 响 投掷 医学(35) : 1d100 = 18   成功
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (正统记者(骄傲脸))
<[Ra]KP> 箱子的内侧留下很多划痕,这些划痕似乎是用坚硬锐利的东西一遍一遍划出来的。箱子里还放着牢固的锁铐和打开锁铐的钥匙。
<[Ra]KP> 尸体的横断面简直像是用巨大的剪刀一瞬间切出来的伤口
<[Ra]KP> (就是所长,别想太多)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> (好了好了,去中控室吧)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “这谁啊...”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “头都没了”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “谁知道呢”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “就连我熟练的医学知识都看不出这个人怎么死的”
<[Ra]KP> (我不想rp由里了)
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “不管了,去中控室吧。后面的事自会有警察来处理吧”
<[Ra]KP> (让她在这陪着无头所长吧)
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “总觉得”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “中控室有什么不得了的东西”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “走吧,U盘还在吧”
<[Ra]KP> 那么大家去了主电脑室
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “会让我们失去我们的头”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “和我们的手”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “还有我们的哥哥”
<[Ga酱]桥本响> “那也不能不去啊”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> “走吧”
<[麦芽]黑泽优> “走吧”
<[唯子]宇崎直也> 用所长老婆的手环打开主控室






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